15 Best Places To Visit In Asia That Will Allure You With Its Charm

December 15, 2022
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The Scipio Piso Waterfall, one of Indonesia’s highest, is also located on Toba. If you want to get away from the tourist swarms, Banyak offers the option of going island hopping. You could spend a night to explore the traditional Chinese market at Temple Street Night Market and shop for souvenirs, electronics, and numerous street foods.

What may be a surprise, however, is that it’s also one of the cheapest places to fly to in Asia. Hong Kong, in particular, is as affordable as it is enthralling. The past and present live together in harmony in Seoul, one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia.

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This ancient city is relatively unknown and yet it’s a remarkable place to go. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its history has amounted due to it being one of the longest-standing trading ports in the whole of Asia. As such, Hoi An is dotted with old timber framed buildings nestled alongside bright shutters which themselves sit under Chinese tiled roofs. There’s so much to do and experience here that you’ll have to settle for some highlights, unless you’ve got a month or so to spare. Importantly, the World Heritage Site of Boudhanath is worth your attention.

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I had been living in HK so have been to all the popular places and find that I always go back Thailand for it’s food and ppl and Phuket. I think you can get a great taste of these countries in 3 months. I like Suneta, which is very cosy and friendly, though it is a bit small / boutique-style. If you’d prefer a bigger hostel with maybe not as much character but with definitely a lot of people, Lub D is a good bet.

  • Once you’re done achieving inner peace, there are plenty of fun and fascinating attractions to find.
  • Bali has famously been the top destination Indonesia for decades.
  • It has two of Vietnam’s best waterfalls to see – Dambri and Dasara Waterfalls.

Destinations in Asia attract tourists with good weather, warm sea, tropical nature, various attractions, an abundance of fresh fruits, and affordable prices for housing and food. Such a winter adventure relieves you from sadness and boosts your energy for the upcoming year. One of the best places to travel in Asia in March is Seoul, South Korea.

Many temples and sacred sites are located around the sacred volcano. Best Places to Visit in Asia to Add to Your Bucket List 25Japanis full of natural beauty, and one of the divinely-made attractions is undoubtedly Mount Fuji. This peak is one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, and photos do not do it justice; you must see it for yourself.

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Look at our favourite places to fight hunger if you can’t decide where to eat in Ubud. The east coast of Bali is a world away from the glitz and glam, the beach clubs and the trendy hotspots on the opposite side of the island. Amed must be the most underrated gclub destination in Bali, and people looking for a relaxing stay will love this town which is still a fishing village at heart. For many expats, this metropolitan city offers a high quality of life, with all of the buzz and glamour and none of the price tag.

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With careful planning, you can visit a few of the 171 floating villages with a responsible boat operator, or tour around in canoes. When visiting in the rainy season, the lake has a flat flood plain and is considerably bigger and more impressive when it’s full. June is a great month to visit the Perhentian Islands due to the good weather and ideal diving conditions.

The second most popular Chinese city for tours is Shanghai, and even though June is quite warm, at least the June air quality is much better than in Beijing. This is a far more modern city with striking architecture and an extremely impressive infrastructure. Kuala Lumpur and nearby Singapore are not far from the equator and thus hot every day of the year. Still, June through August is the driest period of the year, so it’s also a bit less humid and more pleasant in general. This is my personal favorite large city anywhere in Asia, as it provides a nice mix of exotic and modern, with excellent cuisine based on the intersection of Chinese, Indian, and Malay options.

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